Fleet Analytics


This proactive suite of tools gives you in depth information as the events occur from anywhere through the Slingshot® online portal. Know immediately which systems need attention, even before the operator knows. Keep your machines on the ground running by monitoring the interactive map. Know when there is downtime and how to manage those situations for better return.

Fleet Analytics

  • Fleet and system data in one view
  • Analyze data based on date range and system sets
  • Detailed fleet and system metrics include: Acres per hour, day, and machine

System Event Notifications

  • Be notified via phone or email
  • Create custom sets to alert managers or others who need to make quick decisions
  • Customizable data sets for monitoring of DTCs

System Events

  • System events are stamped for time and Geo-Location
  • Easily view all systems with color coded alert icons
  • Zoom in to map location of system and zoom in to alert
  • View current events and history

System Event Map

  • Visually manage systems via the alerts on map
  • Interactive map with system details

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An active Viper 4 with a Slingshot Gold Subscription is required. Historical job analytics available but additional Slingshot configurations may be required.