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It’s hard to overstate the power you can add to your operation with Slingshot's® standard-setting combination of wireless connectivity and RTK corrections with instant cloud-based data transfer, data management, and data security; along with asset and personnel management. Slingshot turns your operation in a logistics monster. Go Time will never see you coming.

Job Sync

Slingshot’s full range of power in one major innovation. Now you can deploy two or more machines of any color in perfect concert — simultaneously or at different times — without duplication, overlaps, gaps, confusion, or waste. Job Sync’s “Last-Pass Guidance” suddenly opens up new ways to attack tricky assignments: adapt to changing conditions, equipment or personnel issues, with complete certainty about who’s been where, who’s done what, and how to easily complete the job.

File Transfer

Total command of data means total command of business, field or office: secure your data, make updates on the fly, invoice sooner. Get the latest jobs specs, prescription maps, or work orders straight to the cab with a single click. Get the job data back the office just as fast. Live view of field computers gives operators real-time support from your office from Slingshot techs. Goodbye downtime, hello uptime.

Fleet View

See everything in real time — equipment location, job status, more. Coordinate, reduce downtime, improve efficiency, trouble-shoot grow capacity. Fleet view means you can make on-the-fly changes and give reality-based support to keep everyone on track.

Sub-Inch Accuracy

Pin-point accuracy within less than one-inch error over millions of acres, featuring cellular connectivity and RTK correction with zero line-of-sight limitations. Whether it’s planting, fertilizing, or crop protection, Slingshot delivers surgical application, repeatable all year long.

Simple Annual Subscription

Match Slingshot features to your operation and budget. Automatic software updates take one more thing off your plate. Gain more clarity and control with a smaller investment. Our subscription model means you’re done making costly, constant replacements or upgrades to hardware and software.

Remote Support

Live view of field computer to reduce confusion or downtime. Keep control with real-time backup from Raven. Give your operators a little peace of mind and confidence that, whatever Go Time throws at them, someone’s got their back.