The World of Slingshot Explained

Posted March 23rd, 2010 in Industry News

The Cellular Network

Much the same way you pick your cellular telephone base upon a number of factors, coverage, cost, device selection, features, etc, the Slingshot folks have invested much time and effort into partnering with the best wireless networks for the Slingshot solution. Because Slingshot can use many different network technologies (1x, evdo, gprs, hspa, cdma, etc.) we can offer an ideal solution to our Slingshot clients.

The Modem

In the Slingshot world we call it a Field Hub. At Slingshot we take general purpose industrial wireless modems that are well proven in other industries and enhance them to work with the Slingshot solution. Combine this with a high power custom designed diversity antenna solution and the end result is a Field Hub that works exceptionally well in challenging wireless environments and is certified with major carriers around the world. Part of the Field Hub offering also includes high speed Ethernet and USB connections to allow you to plug in a Raven Field computer or laptop or really any data device.

The Slingshot Servers

Located inside two secure and geographically disparate data centers, the Slingshot Servers centrally manage and control connections to the RTK Base Stations and CORS networks. Each Field Hub is monitored and tracked by these servers and remote service sessions as well as file transfers are continually being processed. The nice part about our server based model is that we can add features that our Slingshot clients can take advantage of without ever having to touch our clients equipment.