Slingshot Compatibility

Posted December 15th, 2011 in Industry News

The beauty of the Slingshot® RTK system is that we eliminate the line-of-sight issues typically seen with a radio RTK tower and network. Slingshot® RTK is compatible with our Slingshot® RTK base stations (with a range of up to 30 miles), setup by one of our Slingshot® certified dealers all over the world, but also on other networks, typically referred to as a CORS network. These may be state run, or even a third party such as MyWayRTK.

One question we receive a lot of is in regards to which RTK equipment Slingshot® is compatible with. The hardware and software “lock-in” can be a thing of the past with Slingshot®, as it is compatible with different precision ag hardware, and a wide variety of wireless networks.

We are compatible with hardware capable of utilizing RTCM v3 or CMR+, which are industry standard RTK correction formats used by different companies in their GPS receivers.

Here is a sample list of GPS receivers and displays Slingshot® is compatible with:

Raven Envizio Pro II

Raven Phoenix 300

Raven Cruizer II RTK

Trimble EZ-guide 500

Trimble CFX-750

Trimble FMX-1000

Trimble Ag GPS 262

Topcon AGI-3