Slingshot Basics: Precision Ag Meets 21st Century Wireless Technology

Posted March 29th, 2010 in Industry News
  1. Connectivity through all major mobile telephone networks means regions that previously couldn’t use precision ag technology now have access to Slingshot’s breakthrough system of RTK correction signals, online services, data management, performance hardware and field support
  2. Repeatable accuracy over a range of 30 miles or more with a single base station
  3. Over 2 million acres covered with a single base station
  4. Zero line-of-sight limitation to signal reception: trees, structures, hills, other obstructions become irrelevant to maintaining precise passes
  5. Industrial-grade modem hardware performs in the toughest, remotest terrain
  6. Public CORS network compatibility
  7. Real time high-speed Internet access in the field
  8. Near-instant data transfer to/from secure online accounts via the Internet
  9. Transfer/change prescription maps, application files, other data on the fly, in real time
  10. Remote, live support from Slingshot staff via high-speed Internet: slashes downtime, operator error
  11. The ability to instantly observe vehicles, manage field computers and manage data from anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection
  12. Available only through select, certified dealers
  13. Compatible with Raven and non-Raven precision ag hardware