Raven’s Connected Workflow™ at InfoAg Conference

Posted August 7th, 2019

The InfoAg Conference entered its 25th year of service to the industry. Raven has been a key innovator since the beginning of the precision ag technology revolution. During InfoAg Conference, Raven introduced their Connected Workflow™ solution for ag retailers. Featuring the integrated suite of AgSync™, Slingshot® and the Viper® 4+ software and hardware; Raven’s Connected Workflow™ allows users to seamlessly and wirelessly connect their office to the field and back again.

Watch the five part series to learn more about the solution and how AgSync is integrated, how to improve workflow, three functions of Connected Workflow, a customer testimonial, and a live demo.

Part 1 - Paul Welbig introduces the Raven Connected Workflow™ and integrating AgSync into the Raven set of tools.
Part 2 - Paul Welbig introduces the Raven Connected Workflow™ and how retailers are seeking to improve their workflow.
Part 3 - Clay Rassi talks about how three distinct functions that happen in the Connected Workflow™.
Part 4 - Mitch White, of Stephenson Service Company, shares his experience using the Raven Connected Workflow™.
Part 5 - Josh Crimmins demonstrates the Raven Connected Workflow™ at InfoAg Conference.