Coverage Data and the AgSync System

Posted June 12th, 2019 in Product Announcements

Melissa Michalski, Marketing Specialist

AgSync has been at the forefront of the agriculture application industry for years, and Slingshot will continue to make strides in improving technologies and operations. Many applicators enjoy the benefit of the partnerships AgSync has with systems such as Satloc, AgNav, Slingshot, AgPilotX, TracMap, VeriFly, and more.

New this summer is the ability to read and process spray data from the AgPilotX system. AgPilotX is the newest generation of guidance, built and designed for the aerial application industry by Insero. AgPilotX has an iOS app available for Apple iPad.

Getting the equipment to the fields and applying the product is an important step in precision agriculture, but equally important is the data from these operations and what happens to it.

As-applied data is exportable in many formats, dependent on the device in the machine. AgSync has made it easy to import these data files into our system. Regardless if you have a Satloc, Slingshot or another system you can work with AgSync. One benefit is the wireless sending of spray data through e-mail or Dropbox into the AgSync system. This eliminates the need for cumbersome USB data transfer and allowing users to send as-applied data from anywhere.

Through the easy-to-navigate AgSync Upload Queue, users can import daily spray data by selecting the file on the computer or Dropbox and importing the file. At the push of a button the verification data is processed and automatically appends to any open orders that match the field.

Once the data is imported, users can print use reports showing visual spray coverage on a map, along with other important completion information. Applicators can also publish this data to growers and retailers for review, allowing access to those use reports. If a more comprehensive field analysis is needed, the coverage file can be exported as a shapefile, including the actual sprayed areas. This coverage file export can be used in multiple other systems.

Getting the operators to the field faster and providing tools to save and report coverage data is why Slingshot and AgSync are Built for Go Time!

Coverage files importable to AgSync

  • AgNav – manual import
  • AgPilotX – manual import
  • DynaNav – manual import
  • John Deere GreenStar 2 – manual import
  • Raven Viper 4+ – automatic data import from device (coming Summer 2019)
  • Raven Shape – manual import
  • Raven (.rbin) – manual import
  • Satloc - manual import or automatic import through linked Dropbox account
  • Slingshot – manual import
  • TracMap – manual import
  • Trimble – manual import
  • VeriFly – automatic data import from device