AgSync is a robust suite of tools designed to connect, unify, and empower the full spectrum of an ag retail operation. Combined with best-in-class Slingshot® connectivity and online services – not to mention Raven field computers and controls hardware — AgSync packs a punch.

Look, we get it. You’ve got enough hassles nagging you for attention. What if we made sure technology isn’t one of them? That’s the idea here: simplify your life.

When we brought AgSync into Slingshot, we had no intention of just lumping together a bunch of features and sticking a bow on it. We wanted to completely reimagine the agribusiness logistics chain. That’s the potential we saw with AgSync.

This much is certain: the combination of our two platforms is a milestone: you’ve now got the most complete and powerful logistics engine in agriculture.

Here’s a peek at the toolset AgSync delivers as part of Slingshot (get more detail at the former AgSync site, which will be live for a little while).


The AgSync platform helps a variety of users in different roles across your operation. It includes desktop, browser and mobile apps. They’re easy to use and deliver proven cost savings by tightening operational efficiencies and communications. Translation: new paths to profitability and growth.

AgSync also delivers innovations for aerial applicators, foresters, seed companies, and enterprise farmers to meet and beat the tough assignment of managing large fleets, multiple locations, limited personnel and more.

With the brawn of AgSync’s feature set added to our industry-leading connectivity and data transfer, Slingshot sets the standard for planning, compliance, efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, support, safety, insight and more.

AgSync Ground

AgSync Ground is a flexible, scalable, and connected toolset that fits perfectly with Slingshot’s data transfer power. Our logistics system streamlines the way your agribusiness works, communicates, and adds new value to partners. More than 10 years of customer success proves AgSync’s ability to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maximize the utilization of every asset. Save up to 55 hours per machine, per year; add up to 5 acres per hour, per machine; slash support call volume by up to 90%.

Operator PRO

It’s like mission control in the palm of your hand: Operator PRO is an app for users in the field that covers their entire workflow, including application and completion, delivery and load, and blend and sales ticket. Operator PRO lets users remotely see and organize work orders in an easy-to-use interface. Operators can track and share spray movement data for as-applied maps, as wells as review their own completed field records and edit if necessary. Operator PRO app keeps everyone informed, whatever their location:.

AgSync Air

Aerial applicators gain from the same flexible, scalable, connected toolset ground applicators enjoy with AgSync. AgSync Air streamlines the way your agribusiness works, communicates, and adds new value to partners. Its features can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maximize the utilization of every asset. Save up to 3 hours per aircraft per day; add up to 30% more acres per day, per aircraft; improve cash flow with the only system that lets you invoice before the plane even lands.

AgriSite for Scouting

AgriSite’s mobile app puts a tech arsenal in the palm of your hand. Crop scouts can use it to navigate to fields, log geo-referenced site observations, record crop information, and capture pictures. You can then send electronic reports to the AgriSite for Scouting web app for agronomist review. It's is an essential tool for agronomy management.

AgriSite for Ordering

Get ahead right out of the gates with a simple, coherent order system that makes your logistics chain easy to manage: create customers, farms, and fields; generate orders, add and edit products, and release orders for application. Grab the perfect tool to get the work done from anywhere — no need to leave the field to create an order. AgriSite for Ordering means you get each order right from square one.

AgriSite for Blending

This module gives you the ability to create and edit blends on orders with flexibility that suites your operation, per order or per task. Create and share individual or batch reports, review reports from multiple scouts at once, wirelessly synchronize reports between remote devices, create crop recommendations online.

AgriSite for Worker Protection

Keep everyone safe by keeping track when workers enter the field. Users can manually send location data to the office, or the app will automatically update when they enter the field, then update again when they leave. Assign start and stop times for personnel in a field, track location in real tie with simple icons on a map, plan and communicate ahead of time. AgriSite for Worker Protection gives you security and peace.