Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking

The Slingshot platform is the backbone of our efficiency-enhancing portfolio. Using it creates a Connected Workflow that syncs operations from the office to the field. Now, with Slingshot Fleet Tracking, we provide ag retailers and enterprise farms with an expanded fleet and asset tracking suite through the Slingshot platform.


Backed by Razor Tracking, Slingshot Fleet Tracking allows users to wirelessly track the location and other important information about their trucks, vehicles, trailers, tanks and other moving assets by providing accurate machine running data in real-time. This gives ag retailers and enterprise growers a holistic view of their entire fleet — including work, idle and transit times — to better manage their equipment, assets and operations.


  • Real-time view of a single vehicle, entire fleet or predetermined group
  • Geofencing of a field, delivery point or general point-of-interest
  • Precise location data with status, speed, relative address, weather stamping
  • Vehicle performance history
  • Easy and custom management of vehicle performance
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Management of unlimited users with access credentials
  • View of vehicle location for easy access to send to customers
  • Free mobile app which allows you to view your fleet while on-the-go

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  • The RTB™ is a battery-powered tracking device that provides last known position and current position 6 times throughout a 24-hour period.
  • Enclosure Rating: IP67
  • Mounting location: RTB is intended to be outside of the cab and can be attached via screws, tape or magnet
  • Battery life: Estimated at 3 yearsRTB


The RTV™ is a vehicle tracking device that provides near real-time position tracking when connected to a vehicle’s battery source.

  • Enclosure Rating: IP66
  • Mounting location: Direct wire to mobile vehicle or plug into the OBD-II port of the vehicle

Field Hub 2.0

Field Hub 2.0 connects your operator, managers and Slingshot support via the Internet while providing a complete web experience on your Raven field computer.
It is compatible with Viper® 4+ (CR7TM + CR12TM) automatically ensuring jobs are in the field computer, the operator is in the right field and product is applied correctly.

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