Register your Viper 4 to your Slingshot Account and try Slingshot Silver Subscription with Viper 4 for free for two months

What’s included:

File Transfer

  • Record and invoice work quickly and accurately
  • Use Slingshot File Transfer to get your application data back to the office without chasing thumb drives
  • Invoice your work quicker
  • Dispatch new work to operator’s real time, as the day goes
  • Less risk of data loss

Remote Support

  • Reduce machine down time with Slingshot Remote Support
  • Log into your Viper 4 from the office to help the operator with any issue
  • Your dealer and Raven can also log in and help, with permission

Wireless Software Updates

  • Reduce support burden, increase fleet consistency
  • Use Slingshot Software Updates to keep your Viper 4 running optimally by downloading the latest software directly to your machine. No need to run around with thumb drives anymore
  • Reduce support burden and increase fleet consistency by managing Viper 4 software versions from the office

Job Generator

  • Reduce the risk of a costly misapplication with Job Generator
  • Avoid errors and miscommunications by using Job Generator to pre-populate job setup information for your operators
  • Fields sent to Viper 4 display on the Street Map, ensuring your operator gets to the right field
  • Include the products, rates, field locations and entry points, RX maps, and all the details your operator needs to make sure he gets the right product in the right place

Slingshot API

  • No need to stop using what you’re using
  • Already using another service or software? Many have integrations with Slingshot already. Talk to your vendor about connecting through the Slingshot API. It’s included.


Register your Viper 4 today!