Slingshot Online

Is it too much to ask technology to actually make your job easier?

We didn't think so either. That's why we designed Slingshot Online: a secure, first-of-its kind web-based system that lets you see and control more data, assets, personnel, and jobs.

Open a web browser and a Slingshot account and you're ready to go. Store all of your field and application data in a secure database that you can access any time, anywhere you can get online. Track your fleet and manage your operations with any laptop, desktop or mobile device in any country, town or time zone in the world.

If you've got an Internet connection, you've got control.


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  • Store field and application data in a secure database
  • Access from anywhere - at home or at the agronomist's office
  • View historical data from hours, days, weeks or years ago


A Portfolio That Keeps Growing


With your data online in a secure Slingshot account (that can update in near-real-time), you can monitor vehicle locations, make on-the-fly changes to work orders, like prescription maps, and track, collect, and analyze data all from your assets at the place and time that works for you. You can even look back at maps and records of work performed throughout the season, one year to the next.  Slingshot Online lets you plan, budget, schedule, and invoice in ways that were simply impossible with thumb drives and other clumsy methods to move data to and from the field.  No more lost data or downtime from changes to work orders or prescription maps.


Slingshot's Online Support gives dealers the power to help customers solve problems with their system in real time - remotely. No need to get in a truck and drive out to the customer's vehicle, and no need for the customer to wait for you. Dealers can observe the Field Hub or field computers, diagnose problems, advise the vehicle operator, and if necessary, take control of the system from the office and fix the problem.  And of course, dealers also have Slingshot personnel as back up: we can get into the customer's system and keep them up and running, too. This support service means that you can simultaneously slash downtime and build confidence.


If you're a dealer, Fleet View gives you simple, powerful control over the performance of your entire fleet of Base Stations and Field Hubs by letting you monitor their current status, including signal strength, and historical data like vehicle path history. From Fleet View you can select any Slingshot Field Hub sold or owned by your dealership to see last positions and check signal strengths, battery voltage, direction (latitude/longitude) and velocity. You can even customize your map preferences and check Fleet View from anywhere you can get online.