Slingshot Field Hub

It's not magic. But no one needs to know.

Meet the heart of the Slingshot® system - and the secret weapon to an astonishing new level of performance.

The Slingshot® Field Hub and Fleet View Field Hub are a small, unassuming addition to the cab that is designed to work with all major cell phone networks, including the CORS networks, and is built to industrial-grade standards. 

With an annual online subscription, the field hub lets end-users access Slingshot's advanced RTK correction signals. The hub also provides unrestricted high-speed internet, opening the door to all kinds of new services for both Raven and non-Raven electronic devices.

For a device so small, the Field Hub's impact will find its way into every corner of your operation.


The Slingshot® Field Hub is able to obtain and retain connection with the cellular towers in environments and conditions much worse than a typical cell phone can operate.

The field hub utilizes a secondary cellular antenna known as a "Diversity" which effectively acts like a redundant antenna connection, meaning that if the connection between the primary antenna and the cell tower is lost, the Diversity antenna might still have a connection. 

The result is a more robust and consistent connection with the cellular towers.

More Information

Slingshot® Field Hub*: $1,895

Slingshot® Field Hub with WiFI*:$2,050

  • 3G Internet Access
  • Slingshot® RTK
  • 3rd Party CORS RTK
  • High Gain Antenna System
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot for up to 5 devices (Wi-Fi Field Hub only)
  • Slingshot® Online - including Fleet View, Remote Support**, and File Transfer**
  • Three-year warranty - an industry best!

Fleet View Field Hub*: $995

  • 3G Internet Access
  • Low Profile Antenna System
  • Slingshot® Online Fleet View Basic
  • Upgradeable to Slingshot® Online and Slingshot® RTK
  • Three-year warranty - an industry best!


*cellular fees are not included

** requires Raven field computer

Superior RTK Performance

  • Optimized receipt of RTK corrections is 75% more efficient than our competition
  • The "Auto-Base" feature automatically receives RTK corrections from the nearest base station, keeping the baseline length as short as possible for optimum accuracy

For more information on Slingshot® RTK click here

More functionality than just RTK, with a high-speed Internet connection that can be used for:

  • Web surfing
  • File transfers
  • Remote support
  • Much more...

Secure and actively-managed, Slingshot® network staff administrators are authorized access for:

  • Modem activations
  • Subscription administration
  • Remote modem support

Multiple models to suit your needs:

  • Slingshot® Field Hub for RTK corrections, file transfer, remote support and more
  • Fleet View Field Hub for asset tracking

Long story short, the Slingshot® Field Hub delivers a combination of precision and power that's been impossible until now.

It's small. It's tough. It changes everything.


Provides high-speed internet access up to 3G speeds

Compatible on multiple wireless networks

Low profile combo antenna