Slingshot API

We're changing the way operators and dealers do business.

One of Slingshot's most powerful tools is less obvious than our Field Hub or Raven Hardware, but it will change the way you do business: the Slingshot® API.

API is short for "Application Programming Interface." It's a software-to-software interface, or set of codes, that lets one software system communicate with another. The value this kind of interface can produce for end-users is enormous.

You don't have to be a programmer to appreciate the nearly endless ways you can put Slingshot® code to work for you on your terms. You'll see it in the features and performance of new products or services software companies can now develop specifically for your own operation.

Rev up your SST Summit or Summit Pro farm management system software with the Slingshot system.

  • Instant, wireless transmission of recommendation files
  • Seamless importing
  • Bi-directional communcations capabilities

Learn about how to power up SST Summit Software with Slingshot

Get more from your SSI Agvance Dispatch agronomy
operations software when you pair it with Slingshot, including:

  • Real-time tracking and mapping of your Slingshot-equipped f eet
  • Instant, wireless transmission of recommendation files
  • Seamless importing of as-applied data into Agvance upon completion in field
  • Bi-directional communications capabilities

Learn about how to supercharge your Agvance Software with Slingshot

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Meet the Slingshot API Community Partners:

The Slingshot® API

What would you accomplish if you had a platform that allowed you to keep your agronomy software and processes, but still provided you fully-integrated business automation with your hardware in the field?

  • What if you received a text message when one of your applicators sat idle for more than 10 minutes?
  • What if you could track your fleet on your iPad- or Android-powered tablet?
  • What if you could automatically e-mail custom application reports when a job is done?
  • What if your precision ag manager could see operator performance indicators throughout the work day?
  • What if your accounting system integrated with your precision operation and triggered back-office transactions?