Slingshot RTK

Microscopic accuracy. Massive range.

The precision and power of Slingshot® RTK comes from
its breakthrough wireless connectivity with cell phone

With the power of Slingshot® RTK correction signals, operators no longer have to worry about line-of-sight obstructions.  Hills, valleys, trees, buildings or other structures are suddenly irrelevant. 

The days of being limited by the range of radio transmitters, most of which are good for only five to ten miles, are over.


Dealers who provide Slingshot® RTK service can forget about installing an army of radio transmitters. 

Cell towers are your new antennas. With a single base station, you can deliver RTK correction data over the Internet through those towers to vehicle operators.

Slingshot® is compatible with major cell phone technologies. It means:

  1. An order-of-magnitude increase in the area you can serve with a single RTK correction source.
  2. Customers in regions that previously didn’t have access to RTK technology can now upgrade their operation to a new level of precision.


As a grower, the reliability of the Slingshot® Base Station  provides peace of mind knowing downtime is a thing of the past. The redundant back-ups on the system ensure that you will receive RTK corrections when you want, every time you want them.

As a dealer, you can benefit from a base station in the following ways:

  • Longer Baselines for RTK Corrections
  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs
  • Unlimited Number of Users per Base
  • Two Year Warranty

And don't worry, we won't just sell you a base station and wash our hands. Raven staff will monitor, manage, and support all of our base stations in partnership with you - the dealer.

More Information

Interface Cables:

  • Raven Phoenix 300
  • Trimble EZ-Guide 500
  • Trimble Ag-372
  • Trimble AgGPS262
  • Trimble FmX
  • Trimble CFX-750
  • Topcon AGI-3
  • Outback A320
  • Paradyme
  • CaseIH AgGPS EZ-Guide 500
  • CaseIH AgGPS 262
  • CaseIH FM1000
  • CaseIH CFX-750
  • New Holland PLM 262
  • New Holland AgGPS 262
  • New Holland FM1000
  • New Holland CFX-750


*All Slingshot® services shown here require a Slingshot® Field Hub

**Cellular fees are not included

***Third-party RTK provider may charge additional fees

What does Slingshot® RTK mean to me?

Cellular-based RTK corrections:

  • Zero line-of-sight signal limitations provide uninterrupted operation and convenience
  • Repeatable accuracy 30 miles or more with a single correction source
  • Unique RTK streaming process is 75% more efficient at delivering RTK data than the competition
  • Utilizes the customer's preferred cellular carrier

Highly compatible with most major precision agriculture equipment

  • Industry standard RTCM V3 and CMR+ corrections
  • Begin your field work sooner, with RTK accuracies available typically in less than one minute, anywhere RTK corrections are available

Wireless Management Services (WMS)

  • Dedicated Network Operations Center (NOC) staff to announce outages, conduct remote support and diagnostics, and manage remote updates
  • Over the Air (OTA) firmware updates to Slingshot® base stations and field hubs provide peace of mind knowing the latest firmware is always utilized

Survey-Grade Base Station Hardware

  • Modest-sized hardware fits in a standard server rack
  • Acquires GPS data from a single antenna that mounts on the roof or exterior of a building with a clear view of the horizon in all directions - it's not always necessary to mount the antenna high up on a tower
  • Designed with standard back-up power supply to eliminate downtime
  • Standard two-year warranty, with an optional two-year extension for a total of four years protection

High-Speed Internet

  • Seamless data transfer from Raven field computers to secure online accounts
  • Real-time communications and data sharing with any computer anywhere ensures better data, better decisions, and more productivity in the field
  • Live Remote Support to Raven field computers reduces downtime and eliminates costly service calls to the field for resolving simple operator error issues
  • Access to an unrestricted high-speed internet port to connect a laptop or Wi-Fi router