Raven Hardware


The in-cab "brains", with easy-to-read displays, intuitive menus and simple operation. Raven Field Computers are the only field computers on the market today that are Slingshot®-ready for wireless data transfer, high-speed internet access, remote support and more.

Viper® 4+: the powerful new fourth generation Viper field computer. Powered by the innovative Raven Operating Software, Viper® 4 provides a simple, connected precision ag platform. 

CR7™: the latest innovation from Raven is a small, yet powerful field computer. The CR7 is a 7” lightweight field computer with customizable in-job layouts. A simple widget concept, easily accessible settings, and ISO Universal Terminal and Task Controller capabilities make this mighty unit an affordable, plug-and-play system.


Raven’s complete line of guidance and assisted steering systems keeps you on track no matter how precise your requirements may be.

RS1™: combines autosteer, GPS, and Slingshot® into one intuitive, easy-to-use unit. Incredible accuracy at both high and low speeds with quick line acquire improves efficiency and gives you the power to cover more acres in a day.

Cruizer II™ and Cruizer II™ RTK: simple to use, simple to move around. The Cruizer II has many options, inlcuding a weather-resistant model for open-air cabs, RTK, and GLONASS capable.

SmarTrax™ and SmarTrax™ RTK: both steer-ready and aftermarket kits for multiple color tractors, and accuracy down to the sub-inch.



Apply fertilizer and chemicals only where you really need them. For over three decades, Raven has been the recognized leader in application control technology.

No matter how advanced or basic your application control system needs to be, Raven brings you the most respected products in the world. From control valves, flow meters and fluid transfer systems to spray consoles, NH3 applications and direct injection systems, Raven's dedicated to improving your input.

Hawkeye® Nozzle Control

Raven Rate Control Module (RCM)

Sidekick Pro™ Direct Injection


Improve efficiency during spraying operations by managing boom height and section controls.

AutoBoom®: factory-installed or aftermarket kits available, including ISO-compatible to help reduce cab clutter if you aren't using a Raven field computer or console. AutoBoom helps keep your booms off the ground and reduce overall wear and tear, as well as operator fatigue.

AccuBoom™: automatic boom section shutoff eliminates skips and overlaps and greatly reduces input costs. Automatic on-off control for up to 10 sections.



More Information

Raven's precision ag products and systems fulfill the promise of technology by providing information, control and the opportunity to increase profitability. For more information on the full suite of Raven products, please visit www.ravenprecision.com or contact a dealer near you.