Job Generator

Reduce the risk of a costly misapplication with Job Generator

  • Avoid errors and miscommunication by using Job Generator to pre-populate job setup information for your operators.
  • Fields sent to Viper 4 display on the Street Map, ensuring your operator gets to the right field.
  • Include the products, rates, field locations and entry points, RX maps, and all the details your operator needs to make sure he gets the right product in the right place.

More Information

Features and Benefits

Using the Slingshot Job Generator you can pre-populate

  • Product Names
  • Product Rates
  • Product Mixes
  • Grower, Farm, and Field Information
  • Attach Variable Rate Presciptions
  • Mark Field Entry Points, Field Center, and Field Boundary
  • Send Wirelessly Through Slingshot
  • Compatible with Viper 4/Viper 4+


Increase Efficiency and Reduce Risk

Job Generator lets you create Viper 4 jobs from the office. Pre-populating the job setup allows you to ensure that everything is entered correctly. You can even draw field boundaries to make sure that the job gets applied in the correct field. Once sent to the Viper 4, the field location, entry point is visible on the main Street Maps page. Once the operator starts the job, any information that was pre-setup from the office is already populated. This ensures you get the machine to the right location, with the right products, and your application reports are recorded accurately.

Slingshot connection, either through Wi-Fi or a Slingshot Field hub, and a subscription is required.

Watch this how-to video to create a pre-populated job using Job Generator in the Slingshot portal. Then dispatch the job to a machine using Slingshot on a Viper® 4 field computer.