Slingshot® is a complete precision ag system that combines breakthroughs in connectivity, online services and hardware. Explore how they work together here, then picture it in your territory

How life would be different with a Slingshot® RTK system:

  • Repeatable accuracy without line drifting
  • Over 2 million acres covered with a single correction source
  • Zero line-of-sight signal limitation
  • Real-time high-speed Internet access in the field
  • Connectivity through major mobile telephone networks in North America
  • CORS network compatibility
  • The ability to instantly manage vehicles, field computers and data from anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection
  • The ability to remotely manage user profiles and settings without ever getting in the cab
  • Live, remote Slingshot® tech support without ever leaving the cab

When you see it in action, one thing becomes clear: Slingshot® RTK is about much more than delivering correction signals. It’s about improving the performance of your entire operation — and with it the performance you deliver your customers.

A lot of folks in precision ag will never go back to the old way of farming. And thanks to Slingshot®, you’ll never go back to the old way of precision ag.

Slingshot® delivers — and surpasses — the main promise of precision agriculture: better productivity, greater efficiency, less waste, lower cost, greater certainty and better information through 21st Century technology. What makes Slingshot® so radical is the way it delivers.


The Slingshot® Field Hub is designed to work with all major cell phone networks in North America and is built to industrial-grade standards — tough enough to handle pretty much any conditions you run it through. The hub serves up high-speed Internet on your field computers, which opens all kinds of new services, security and power you just won’t find anywhere else. With an annual subscription, the hub lets you access Slingshot’s advanced RTK correction signals, or those provided by third-party providers, such as CORS networks.


Whether you are a grower interested in repeatable accuracy for your precision ag applications, or an ag services provider looking to offer additional services to your customer base, Slingshot® RTK is the most cost-effective, reliable and maintenance-friendly solution available.  Leveraging survey-grade GPS and GLONASS receivers combined with industry-standard RTK corrections and cellular technology, Slingshot® RTK is able to deliver the most accurate corrections over the largest area with the fewest number of reception issues.


No matter how remote the job, Slingshot® keeps vehicle operators connected to the rest of the world via high-speed Internet. That means all kinds of control, power and certainty in near real time via the Web — an industry first. Store all of your field and application data in a secure database that you can access any time, anywhere with a simple Web browser. With your data online in a secure Slingshot® account (that can update in near-real-time), you can track vehicle locations, make on-the-fly changes to work orders like prescription maps, and monitor, collect and analyze data from all your assets at the place and time that works for you. Best of all, Slingshot® Online connects operators to Slingshot’s support team, based right here in North America, without ever leaving the cab. If there’s an issue, we’re there in real time to diagnose , fix or walk that operator through the issue. Suddenly, downtime and work stoppage start to seem like an old, bad joke.


Slingshot® API is intended for growers, retailers, agronomists and independent software vendors alike to share agronomic data, in a secure, controlled manner.  What this means to the grower is the ability to utilize any software program of their choice to upload/download agronomic data from the tractor to the office using Slingshot®.  Slingshot® is rendering USB hard drives or compact flash cards a relic of the past.


Slingshot® is an innovation from Raven Applied Technologies, which designs, builds and supports the finest technology in the business right here in North America. From boom controls to application controls, from guidance and steering to field computers, Raven has helped define the next generation of excellence and efficiency in precision ag.

Slingshot® turns on the full potential of Raven hardware by capturing more data with every pass and delivering it almost instantly to a secure online account. Slingshot® also lets you remotely control profiles and settings across your entire fleet of hardware — without ever climbing into the cab.


Slingshot® Link™ is a groundbreaking set of new online support tools that simplify management of field-deployed precision ag hardware. Slingshot Link allows Raven Operating Software (ROS) updates to send wirelessly to compatible Viper® 4 field computers.

Get finer accuracy and more data, more simply than you thought possible. Move to a new level of performance and efficiency. And make downtime seem like an old, bad joke.

Put Slingshot® to work this year. And make every pass on every field a study in perfection.