Does the Slingshot® Field Hub and Slingshot® RTK work with non-Raven GPS and Guidance Equipment?

Yes. Slingshot® utilizes industry standard RTK corrections. These standard formats are RTCM V3 and CMR+. As long as the GPS receiver accepts and can use one of these correction formats, Slingshot® will be able to provide corrections to it. Currently, we have confirmed operation and have developed simple interface kits for the following non-Raven hardware:

  • Trimble EZ-Guide 500
  • Trimble CFX-750 (including CaseIH and New Holland branded versions)
  • Trimble FmX/FM1000 (including CaseIH and New Holland branded versions)
  • Trimble AgGPS 262/AG-372 (Including CaseIH and New Holland branded versions)
  • Topcon AGI-3
  • Ag Leader/AutoFarm Paradyme

Most importantly, it's necessary for the GPS receiver to accept RTCM V3 or CMR+. Please contact the manufacturer of your GPS receiver to confirm compatibility.

Does Slingshot® work with my John Deere GPS receiver?

Unfortunately, in North America, John Deere receivers are not compatible with Slingshot® because they do not utilize industry standard RTCM V3 or CMR+ corrections.

Elsewhere in the world, John Deere receivers are compatible with Slingshot® and utilize the RTCM V3 message format. This allows John Deere receivers to operate on non-John Deere supported networks such as regional CORS networks.

Why does Slingshot® work with my Trimble AgGPS 262/AG-372 receiver, and not the AgGPS 252

The Trimble AgGPS 252/AG-372 is an older generation GPS receiver that does not perform well to today's RTK standards with long baselines. Therefore, we do not recommend its use.

Can I use Slingshot® with CORS or Real Time Networks?

Yes. Slingshot® is 100% compatible with third-party RTK networks such as CORS and MyWayRTK. To see what networks we currently work with, please see our RTK coverage map.

Does Slingshot® use GLONASS?

Yes. Slingshot® RTK base stations contain a survey-grade receiver capable of tracking both GPS and GLONASS satellites. The RTCM V3 message contains corrections for both constellations. Slingshot® does not charge extra for GLONASS corrections. As long as your GPS receiver is subscribed to receive RTK corrections, you can take advantage of them.

I’ve heard RTK is not accurate past 12 miles from the base station, and yet Slingshot® RTK base stations claim a 30 mile baseline. How do you accomplish this?

Before cellular technology delivered RTK corrections to the GPS receiver on the tractor, the 450 MHz or 900 MHz radios were the actual limiting factor in how far you could go from a base station to obtain RTK corrections. In truth, as long as you have a minimum number of visible satellites in common view between both the base station and the GPS receiver in the tractor, RTK corrections can be obtained at distances even beyond 30 miles. Slingshot® base stations incorporate the use of both GPS and GLONASS satellites in their RTK corrections to ensure an optimum number of satellites is in view at all times.

What is the minimum number of satellites I need to have in common with a base station to have RTK fix?

The current minimum is five satellites, and four of those five must be GPS satellites.

Is using cellular technology reliable?

Yes. Cellular technology has advanced a long way since its introduction in the 80’s. Most of the arable land in the world today has some level of cellular coverage. However, we also recognize that cellular coverage on farmland is often poorer than in cities. Because of this, Slingshot® has built in several redundancies into our solution to ensure the most consistent performance as possible. This includes a second cellular antenna on the Slingshot® Field Hub that we call “Diversity”. There are also several things we have implemented behind the scenes to ensure consistency, such as durable file transfer protocols, redundant off-site servers and intense software programs to optimize the delivery of data in harsh environments.

What software companies use the Slingshot® API?

Slingshot® currently partners with over 20 businesses to leverage the power of the Slingshot® API. Due to privacy concerns, we are letting these businesses announce themselves how they are (or will be) using the Slingshot® API. To find out if your software can work with the Slingshot® API, we encourage you to contact the software company directly. If they are not participating in the Slingshot® API, ask them why not, and encourage them to get involved.