Thinking Spring

Snowfall after snowfall in the Midwest makes me wonder if spring is really around the corner.  The weatherman says it is, and he’s never wrong.  Preparation during these snowfalls can pay dividends when spring does finally appear.  Much like spring cleaning the tool shed, your Slingshot equipment needs a bit of cleaning as well. 
The first part of preparation starts inside your warm office, in front of your computer.  Cleaning out past years as-applied files and Rx maps will help clear out the clutter.  I like to download my past years files on my computer for future reference.  After I save my as-applied files, I remove them from Slingshot to keep my file list clean.  A little cleaning now will make it easier browsing for files in the future.

I also like to prepare my Slingshot Field Hub for spring operation.  After blowing the dust off, power it up and check all of the lights are just like they were last fall. Some folks put their data plans on vacation over the winter months.  Be sure switch the data plan back to active a few weeks before your machine is ready to move.  Simple planning now will save wasted time in the field.

Remember to enjoy the downtime while it lasts, soon enough the snow will melt and the long days in the field will begin.