Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

Everyone at Raven prides themselves in communicating with our customer.  We don’t hide our toll-free number, or defer you to someone else if we can help you out.  We welcome one-on-one discussions with growers at farm shows.  Raven staff have a true passion to talk about agriculture.

You likely have also seen Raven in traditional communication channels like trade shows, newspaper ads, radio commercials, or visited our website.  Going forward, you can expect much more from Raven. 

In addition to our sales-focused websites at and, we created a support-specific website at  This website is a repository for manuals, drawings and firmware for all Raven products, including Slingshot. 

For the mobile community, we have released a Raven Product Guide App that is available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play market.  Raven has also adopted social media tools: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and maintain them on a daily basis.

Speaking of YouTube, we recently posted a fantastic video that illustrates how Slingshot can benefit an agronomist, retailer or applicator, through the use of the Slingshot field hub and our Slingshot website.  If you haven’t seen it yet, it can be viewed here.  Once there, be sure to watch some of the other videos we have posted.  Many contain valuable information that might help you.

Going forward, you can expect Raven to continue to provide information and training tips.  We are constantly exploring new technologies that will improve our ability to communicate with our current and future clients.  Of course, we will continue to welcome your inquiries to us the old-fashioned way too, by phoning us at 1-800-243-5435.