Spring is in the air

My phone won’t stop ringing.  The emails never cease.  My seasonal allergies have acted up.  It must be spring.  For a salesman in the ag industry, this is a mixed blessing.  On one hand, sales are coming fast and furious, which is a considerable boost to one’s confidence.  On the other hand, the workload is intense and it is difficult to get my daily “to do” list done in a day. (Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE what I do)

Both growers and retailers are eager to hit the fields, and are getting their Slingshot field hubs purchased and activated in preparation.  For that reason, this will be a short blog.

In the past week, Slingshot RTK has seen five new base stations come on line in Nebraska, Kansas and Texas.  These five base stations represent 9 million acres of land that is now accessible to reliable, accurate and repeatable RTK corrections from Slingshot RTK.  You can look for even more base stations to come up in those areas in the next few weeks. 

Also in this past week, Slingshot has signed up several new API partners interested in creating easier-to-use solutions to help you move information data to and from the field, to improve decision making, and plan execution.  These partners are very progressive in their ideas and concepts on how to implement software solutions for growers and retailers.  If the concepts I heard about this week actually turn into commercialized products, we will all be witness to an entirely new era of information management within the agricultural industry in the very, VERY near future.

Put your seatbelt on, because spring is here and it’s gonna be fun!