Slingshot is Global

Last week, Raven’s global dealer network convened in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for the 10th Raven Innovation Summit.  The event provides an opportunity for our dealers to interact directly with Product Managers, Marketing, Engineers, Production Staff and our Executive Team.  It also allows the sales team to meet dealers from outside their normal working areas, and learn how Raven technology is used elsewhere around the world.

At this year’s summit, it was truly an international event, with guests from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, France, Russia, South Africa, China, and Ukraine.  For the author, my normal area of focus is the USA, and more specifically in Corn and Soybean crops.  Therefore, as you might imagine, our foreign friends and their different use-cases captivated me.  For example, in Russia and Ukraine, the fields are miles long and miles wide, making for sizable data files.  How are these large files managed and transmitted effectively over Slingshot?  We know we have an optimized solution for data delivery here in North America, but how does Slingshot hold up internationally?  These were a few of the questions I was asking these dealers, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn Slingshot far exceeds their customer’s expectations, and blows away the competition.

In another example, Slingshot RTK is currently used in the production of pineapples in Costa Rica.  A question I had was with regard to the availability of cellular signals in the remote regions of Costa Rica where the pineapple fields are located.  Does Slingshot work well there?  Again, the response was overly positive, with Slingshot working flawlessly in regions where workers had little (if any) cellular coverage on their personal phones.

It was gratifying and with pride to hear these examples of how Slingshot is improving agronomic practices around the globe.  Already I am looking forward to the 2013 installment of the Raven Innovation Summit, to once again meet with these global partners, to help feed the world.