Season’s Greetings

Today I want to talk about seasons.  They typically mean different things to different people.  Farmers have seasons that follow the weather.  For example, spring, summer, fall and winter.  Corporations and more specifically, sales people like myself have different seasons.  These include “Conference Season”, “Show Season”, “Wage Review Season” and “Tax Season”. For the purpose of this blog, I wanted to provide you with some insight into how Raven participates in one of these seasons, the Conference Season.

Each November or early December, two organizations aimed at improving the ag industry as we know it host their annual conferences, to review the past years initiatives and plan for new ones.  Raven is proud to be active members of both of these ag-centric non-profit organizations.

AgGateway is a collection of businesses interested in promoting, enabling and expanding eBusiness in agriculture.  They are focused on creating a common “language” that all companies in the ag industry can understand, and use when sharing data.  For example, imagine a world where Company A could send an electronic invoice from their accounting software that Company B could receive, interpret and understand in their accounting software.  This sort of technology helps streamline business processes, creates a better customer service experience, and creates a more sustainable and environmentally friendly process.  This is what AgGateway pursues.   Slingshot participates in the Precision Ag Council at AgGateway, and is a charter member of the “SPADE” project whose goal is to create a standardized file format coming out of field computers such as Raven’s Viper Pro.  This standardized file type should allow growers to more easily move their data from the field to the office, or to any other field computer.  You can learn more about AgGateway by visiting their website at

Ag Retailer Association (ARA) is an organization focused on being the political voice for ag retailers, distributors and suppliers of crop protection products, fertilizer, equipment, technology and other services.  These are the folks that successfully led an industry consortium in a claim with the FCC to ensure companies like LightSquared could not introduce technologies that would interfere with existing technologies used by farmers.  The ARA website is full of additional information, and can be visited at

Finally, it should be noted that in addition to Winter and Conference season, it is also the season for family and friends to gather and celebrate various religious-based events.  In the spirit of the season – Season's Greetings!!!