Precision Ag

Last night I jumped on my Facebook account for the daily review of what is going on with my family and friends.  My cousin, who farms in Northwestern Alberta had posted a photo of himself and his son.  The photo was taken in the cab of his tractor while he was seeding his spring wheat.  His comment read “Micah giving me his best choke hold!”

Later in the evening, this same cousin posted another comment on Facebook.  It read “Steak, potatoes & corn on the cob for supper thanks to my love.   Seeding on the mile & half (that's 2.4km for those who don't know what a mile is) and autosteer so I can eat. Doesn't get any better!”

During my years as a salesman in the precision ag industry, I often preached about reduced input costs, less operator fatigue, improved fuel economy and more.  Today, thanks to my cousin, I have learned a new benefit to add to my list that precision ag technology offers the operator – Improved Family Time.