The Silver Lining

As most of the eastern coast of the United States begins cleaning up in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, mainstream media is efficiently emphasizing the death and destruction that resulted.  While I most definitely feel for those folks suffering in the path of the storm, (and my prayers go out to them) I also see a “silver lining” in Hurricane Sandy as a boon for the agricultural industry – at least in the Midwest.

After making landfall, the “Post Tropical Cyclone Sandy” continued west with her winds and rains.  She stretched her arms over the parched farmland in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and more, and replenished the soil with some much-needed moisture.   We can only hope this is only the beginning of restoring water reserves in the Midwest, which suffered a terrible drought this past summer.

Perhaps I am too naïve, and Hurricane Sandy was truly the “Frankenstorm” the media portrayed it as.  I’m certain anyone in New York City would agree with this.  However, I work in the ag industry, and I prefer to think I’m optimistic, and foresee farming in 2013 to be better in these regions than this past year – thanks in part to Hurricane Sandy.